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About Mid City West Community Council

Neighborhood Councils were mandated by the new Los Angeles City Charter in June of 1999. They were created to give neighborhoods a voice in policy making and influence over the way government does business. The Neighborhood Council system is already having an effect. Eventually, every neighborhood in Los Angeles will have a Council. To date, 95 have been certified. The Mid City West Community Council is the certified Neighborhood Council for the area as outlined here.

If you live, work, own property or participate in any significant way in the Mid City West area, you are automatically a member stakeholder in the MCW.

Mid City West is funded by the City, as provided in the Charter, and charged with the responsibility of advising city departments, agencies, boards and commissions on matters of importance to our community, with providing input in the Mayor's budget process and with monitoring the delivery of city services.

Mid City West is your voice at City Hall and responds to and considers the myriad issues that impact and concern our community ... both local and citywide.

The MCW Board of Directors is the governing body for this Council. It consists of 35 seats, including 5 Renters Representatives, 3 Homeowners Representatives, 6 Business Representatives, 6 Nonprofit Representatives, 8 Members at Large, and 7 Zone Representatives. MCW is committed to, and its bylaws require, transparency and openness. Any stakeholder can run for the Board of Directors. All board and standing committee meetings are posted and open to the public. The Board must reflect the community, and no single group, organization or individual will be permitted to control your Council.

Click on Calendar to check Board and committee meeting times, locations and agendas. If you have comments or questions ... or, need help getting involved, check the contact information to your left and call or email us. Your participation is welcome and encouraged. It's your Neighborhood Council.

Mid City West: Your Community. Your Council.

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