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Mid City West Community Council Committees

The Mid City West Community Council (MCWCC), like the Los Angeles City Council, accomplishes most of its tasks through Committee work. Below is a list of the current standing committees. (Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed for specific purposes. They are not listed here.)  All Committee meetings are noticed in accordance with the Brown Act and are open to the public. The list below is a description of the various committees. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more information on each committee.

  • Executive Council - Consists of  Board Officers – Chair; 1st Vice Chair; 2nd Vice Chair; Secretary and Financial Officer (Treasurer) – and the Administrative Manager. Sets Board meeting agendas and oversees overall functioning of the Board.
  • Arts and Recreation Committee - Promotes and supports the visual and performing arts & recreational venues by identifying the participating organizations, supporting their community outreach, and ensuring their long term viability as stakeholders.
  • Budget Committee - Provides Board with monthly financial reports, reviews funding requests from committees, makes recommendations to the Board and helps execute fund raising and distribution.
  • Bylaws / Grievance Committee - Advises Board concerning compliance with The Brown Act, The City Plan for Neighborhood Councils and the Bylaws and acts as liaison with DONE and the City Attorney; Drafts and processes Bylaws amendments; considers procedural disputes and claims of violations.
  • Communications & Outreach Committee - Promotes the MCWCC, keeps stakeholders informed and involved and oversees all MCW Communications. Strives to involve the diverse members of our community in the Council and its activities.
  • Education Committee - Proposes and takes action on education related issues in the MCW community.
  • Election Committee - Works with DONE and other City agencies to organize MCWCC Board elections by stakeholders.  (Elections are now on a two-year cycle.  The next elections are expected to be in the spring of 2012, so this committee is not active at this time.)
  • Planning and Land Use Committee - Reviews and recommends for or against building development projects and projects requiring land use permits within the MCW boundaries. Advocates positions on land use and building design for the betterment of the Community.
  • Public Policy Committee - Oversees large neighborhood council issues and sees they are channeled properly. Deals with city-wide issues not appropriate for a specific committee.
  • Public Safety Committee - Serves as a liaison with law enforcement agencies; facilitates creation of a safe and secure environment within the MCW boundaries through crime abatement projects and prevention and educational efforts.
  • Transportation, Parking and Streetscape Committee - Recommends means to the City Council and City Departments of improving transportation options and mitigating traffic impacts. Addresses parking issues and enhancement of streets, sidewalks and streetscapes to reflect desires of the Stakeholders.

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