Master Muralist & Grand Scale Painter, Kent Twitchell Adding Detail To His Portrait of President John F. Kennedy on the Berlin Wall Monument Located on the Lawn of 5900 Wilshire - March 3rd. Photo Credit: Sheryl Turner

MCWCC Planning and Land Use Committee

The Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUC) reviews and recommends action regarding development projects and projects requiring land use permits within the MCWCC boundaries, and advocates positions on land use and building design for the betterment of the community.

The Planning and Land Use Committee normally meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  The location depends on the expected size of the meeting and other factors.  Some meetings may be held at various locations throughout the MCWCC community.  See the agenda for each meeting for locations and times.

Can't make the meeting? Please see our stakeholder page to find out how to have your voice heard.

2016-18 Planning and Land Use Committee 

Board Members:
Ravi K. Bhatia, Chair (
Liza Gerberding, Secretary (
Mehmet Berker
Heather Fox
Steven Luftman
Andy Meselson
Scott Sale
Patrick Seamans, Ph.D
Roque Wicker

Stakeholder Members:
Ilissa Gold
Adam Maleitzke
Keith Nakata 

PLUC Related Applications and Communication are posted on the MCW Google Drive Via the following link:

Log-in Information:
  1. Username:
  2. Password: plucguest1

After you log in:

  • Skip the screen where it asks for your mobile number (this is a shared drive: DO NOT add any personal information)
  • On the "My Drive" page, in the left navigation bar select "Shared with Me"
  • Select "PLUC Folder"
  • Select "2014 Meetings" and continue to find the information you need

You may search for a project by using these instructions:

If you have any trouble accessing the link, or if you would like to have permanent access to the Google Drive without signing in as a guest, please email Ravi Bhatia at