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Mid City West Community Council files most meeting agendas with the City of Los Angeles.  The Information Technology Agency (ITA) then makes these available on a subscription basis to anyone who wants them.  Use the form below to subscribe to Mid City West Community Council agendas from the system.

Note:  As a subscriber to this mailing list, you will receive email messages from Ita Ensla <> and addressed to ENSNC_805@LISTSERV.LACITY.ORG.  These messages have the agenda attached as a pdf file as well as a link to the same file on the website.

The website also offers subscriptions to notifications for City Council and other City of Los Angeles agencies.  To access these, go to, scroll down to the bottom of the center section, and, in the Neighborhood Resources box, select the item you want under "Subscribe to Receive."

This form already has Mid City West selected.  All you need to do is enter your Full Name and Email address and then click on the SUBSCRIBE button below. No further steps are needed.