Master Muralist & Grand Scale Painter, Kent Twitchell Adding Detail To His Portrait of President John F. Kennedy on the Berlin Wall Monument Located on the Lawn of 5900 Wilshire - March 3rd. Photo Credit: Sheryl Turner


ShopLA was developed to make sure a world-class City with world-class shopping can deliver on its promise. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is leading a group of elected officials, public-service departments, local chambers of commerce, thousands of LA-based businesses and LA INC. - the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau - at promoting ShopLA, whose objective is as follows:
  • Encourage the public to shop in Los Angeles.
  • Boost taxable sales.
  • Raise awareness that sales tax revenue goes toward quality of life services provided by the City.
  • Promote civic pride.
  • Maintain and promote local employment.
  • Change purchasing behavior.
Shopping decisions have a direct impact on what happens in LA neighborhoods. Police and fire protection, library and park hours, street cleaning, street repair and tree-trimming, animal shelters and the Zoo all depend on General Fund revenues, which are very sensitive to ups and downs in sales tax receipts.

Helping make smarter decisions when Angelenos are out spending hard-earned cash is a big part of what ShopLA is all about.

For more information on why shopping in the City of Los Angeles helps residents and stakeholders, see the website.